Happy Rainbow Squares Blanket

With all this grey weather we’ve been having in London lately I’ve been itching for some colour….so on a whim I started a new baby blanket.  After raiding my Stylecraft Special DK stash I decided on a a rainbow of colours! Lipstick, Shrimp, Sunshine, Aspen, Cloud Blue, Turquoise and Magenta.

To make the most of these bright shades I opted for solid granny squares.  Just three rounds big and with no colour change these were so quick and easy to make! If you haven’t made a solid granny square before there’s a great tutorial over on Little Tin Bird.

As this is only a baby blanket (perfect size for a moses basket or car seat) it only needed 49 squares (7×7), meaning 7 of each colour.  

These are honestly so quick that it only took a couple of days to make the squares. To make the colours pop I decided on cream as a joining colour, and by using the flat slip stitch join technique I got a nice, neat finish.  The trickiest bit was probably deciding on what border to put on it.

I bought this book a while ago after seeing it recommended on Instagram- ‘Around the Corner – Crochet Borders’ by Edie Eckman.  It’s got a lot of variety but I would say I found most of them a bit fussy for my taste. But I persevered and found one in there I liked (#20 if you’re interested!)

This has been a really quick, fun blanket to make – 4 days in total! With the border included it measures 23″ square (using a 4mm hook).  And here it is…..tada!

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