Summer Harlequin Blanket

I’ve had a harlequin blanket on my crochet to-do list for ages and last month I finally got started (ok, I started it despite having a dozen other projects on the go!) I love the diamond pattern, it’s so different from other blankets and after playing around with my yarn pegs (see previous post) I decided on my perfect colour palette.

They are all Stylecraft Special DK, and the shades are (from the top): Sherbert, Pomegranate, Aspen, Magenta, Sunshine, Lime, Fondant and Turquoise.  There’s a lot of my favourites in this mix but also a lot of people commented on my last post (and on IG) about their favourite combinations so I added in the pomegranate and lime.

I’ve used this pattern from the Solstrikke blog which was great as she has drawn charts for the diamond shape and also the half-diamonds and triangles you will need to fill in the gaps around the edge of your blanket.  I’m a big fan of having the pattern illustrated in chart form and once you get the hang of it you’ll soon be doing it from memory.

So with my eight colours I decided I needed 10 diamonds of each colour to give me a decent lap blanket size (about the right size for a toddler bed too). I used a 4mm hook for these.

  Once I’d memorised the pattern they were very quick and easy to make, taking less than 5 minutes each – perfect for squeezing into toddler nap time!

When I had my 80 diamonds, I found a layout pattern I liked (I wanted it to look random but without having the same colour touching that’s easier said than done! I could then work out how many smaller shapes I needed to fill in the edges.  In this case it was: 10 half diamonds for down the sides, 16 triangles for the top and bottom, and also 2 quarter diamonds (or half triangles) for the opposite corners.

If you’re using lots of colours I’d recommend laying out your blanket and then you can work out which colour shapes to make and what will fit where.


When it came to joining, I opted for Cream as i thought white might be a bit bright and I didnt want to add another bright colour into the mix.

The Solstrikke blog has a joining technique which if you scroll down you can see (I didn’t see this until I’d come up with my modified version!) I went down a hook size to a 3.5mm and did join-as-you-go, adding one diamond to a row at a time (my blanket  is 10 rows of 8 diamonds).  If you join your yarn on a side of the diamond, you’ll be working into the sides of the rows.  I did 3sc into each row space, then at the top and bottom point, I worked 2sc, 3ch, 2sc. Then carried on down the side. At the side points I added 1ch in between the rows on either side.

I’d suggest joining all the whole diamonds together first, then work your way around the edge of the blanket adding the smaller shapes.

Once they were all joined I added a simple cream border to the blanket, by first doing a row of SC all the way around.  Where some shapes joined at the side there was a bit of an indent so in this stitch I made a DC instead to straighten the edge.  I then went round again with a round of HDC and finished off.

The finished blanket measures 110cm wide by 120cm tall (approx 43″x47″) and is the perfect size for cosying up on the sofa,and I think we’ll be taking it to the park a lot this summer as it will be great for picnics!



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