Green Granny Circles Blanket

Well hello 2016! I’ve finally managed to find a bit of time to write a new blog post – Christmas and New Year are always busy but on the 2nd of January little Milo arrived! One day late (he obviously didn’t want a New Years birthday) and he’s now 7 weeks old! 

So understandably there’s not been as much time for crochet but I have managed to squeeze in a bit here and there.

My best friend’s little boy turns 1 this month and as a birthday present I wanted to make him a blanket – big enough for his cot or for snuggling on the sofa.  My friend’s only request was that it be green to match his new room when they move house, so I started having a think about how I could combine lots of different shades to make a pretty, but boyish blanket.

One pattern I love is granny circles.  Now I know I’m not the first person to do these and I’m pretty sure they must be called something else but this is what I’ve always known them as, and after having a look around I couldn’t find the pattern written down anywhere so I thought I’d write it down here for anyone who is interested. These aren’t sunburst squares as they don’t use puff/cluster stitches.



(Please excuse my slightly wonky square!)

Granny circle pattern: (US terms)

Chain 5, slip stitch to join into a foundation ring.

Chain 3 (counts as dc), 11 DC into the ring. Slip stitch join to top of ch3 (12 stitches)

Change colour, join new colour between any two dc’s. Chain 3, dc in the same space. 2 dc in the next space along, and continue around with 2dc’s in every space. Slip stitch join to top of ch3 at start of round (24 stitches)

Change colour, join in any gap between the pairs from the previous round (ie not in between two stitches themselves). Chain 3 (counts as dc) 2dc into same place making a cluster of three. 3dc into next gap and continue around, slip stitch to join as before.

This is really easy to remember as its 1-2-3. Individual stitches on the first round, then groups of 2, then groups of 3. I guess there’s nothing to stop you continuing this pattern if you wanted to make them larger e.g. groups of 4 then 5 etc, although I’ve not tried this myself. 

Nb. I dont ch1 between clusters as you do with granny squares, just move along to the next space and continue.

To square off the circle, join the colour that you want to be your joining colour – I used one colour to join all my squares (in this case Stylecraft Special DK in Stone) – in between clusters.  Ch3, then 2dc in same space. 3dc in next space along. Then 3tr in the next space (this will be a corner), ch3, then 3tr again into the same space. 3dc into the next two spaces then repeat the corner. Continue around ending with a corner, then slip stitch to join back to the start.


For this blanket I used the following shades of Stylecraft Special DK

– Duck egg, Sage, Storm Blue, Pistachio, Lime, Grass Green, Kelly Green, Mocha, Walnut, and Stone. (One ball of each apart from 2x Kelly Green and 3x Stone)

With a 4mm hook.

The new shades from Stylecraft are lovely,particularly the Kelly Green (the dark green you can see in the pics). I added the browns to break it up a bit, and because I thought a totally green blanket might be a bit much…I may be wrong of course 😉 

This blanket is made up of 120 squares (10×12) so I put together 12 different colour combos for the rounds and made 10 of each. With little crochet time at the moment (2 children under 3) I found it easiest to make them up in batches of the same colours and try and get a group of 10 done each evening. Of course sewing in the ends takes the most time!


Once completed I used join-as-you-go to join them all up row by row.  In hindsight I should have done a continuous j-a-y-g and saved myself time sewing in even more ends….

But anyway after a few evenings joining them together I was ready for my favourite part – the border! Firstly I did a round of sc in Stone to neaten up the edges (this meant it blended in neatly), followed by hdc rounds in graduating green shades – Pistachio, Sage, Lime, Grass Green and Kelly Green. This gives a nice solid edge and brought the emphasis back to green after using Stone as the main joining colour.  For the final round I wanted something a bit special. I narrowed it down to leaf edging, bobbles/pompoms or a simple picot.


Leaf edging – *sc, skip 2, 4tr, picot, 4tr, skip 2*

Pompom edging pattern from Once Upon a Pink Moon

The picot edge was a bit simple for this blanket in my view, and while I would happily add a Pompom edge to nearly anything (they’re just so cute!) as this is for a one-year old I think it would have just resulted in lots of fingers and toes getting stuck in the border! The leaf edging was definitely in-keeping with the green theme and a quick straw poll on Instagram told me lots of people agreed (thanks for the feedback guys!)

A quick block of the border later and tada! One finished Green Granny Circles blanket ready to be gifted to a very special little boy 💚

Finished dimensions are (inc border): 45.5″ x 37″