Cedar Rivers Baby Blanket

I realised I haven’t shared any photos of my latest finished blanket! June was spent busily making this baby blanket for one of my gorgeous friends who is expecting her second baby, and as we had a girls weekend at a spa planned I wanted to finish it before then so I could give it to her in person.

We’d chatted about colour schemes and as she wasn’t finding out if baby is a girl or boy she wanted some neutral colours, so we opted for a cool green, grey, yellow and navy along with white. Yarn was Stylecraft DK in White, Aspen, Grey Citron. Struggled to find a navy yarn I was happy with it, most were almost black, but I ended up finding Sirdar Snuggly DK (shade 0224) in my local yarn shop which was just the right shade.

I’ve made a Cedar Rivers blanket before for my sister in law and my friend loved this geometric design.  I figured I’d need 30 squares (5×6) to make this a good size for a cot, and with each square taking an hour or so including sewing in ends, the pressure was on!

Thankfully I made it in time, and once the squares were all made joining was a pretty quick process. I like to slip stitch them together (wrong sides together) along one way, and then the other way. This gives a neat, slightly raised join.

For the border I first did a round of double crochet (UK terms), then half-treble rounds in yellow, green and grey, finishing with a final dc round in grey. The finished dimensions of the blanket including the border were 94x112cm, without the border 87x106cm, and each square was 17cm square, this was using a 4mm hook. This is mainly for my reference in case I make another but through some of you might find it useful 😉

So now this blanket is in it’s new home….we just need baby to arrive!


A pastel Sunburst blanket for my new baby niece!

Making blankets for babies is probably my favourite thing to crochet – in fact it was the first thing I ever crocheted, a giant granny square blanket for my future baby before I was even pregnant! There’s just something lovely about making a blanket to keep them warm and cosy after their arrival into the world, and I love giving them as presents to friends and family.  So when I found out I was going to be an Aunty again I think one of the first questions I had for my sister was ‘Have you got a colour scheme in mind? What kind of blanket would you like?’

Soft pastels of cream, yellow, pink and blue were decided on, and I had been itching to make a blanket in Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn so this was the perfect opportunity! The yarn is 70% cotton, 30% acrylic – it’s lovely and soft whilst also being durable and perfect for babies.  I opted for the XL weight (Aran I believe) – thicker yarn equals larger squares and that means you don’t have to make quite as many 😉 The colours I chose were Moonstone for the main background colour, then Citrine (yellow), Rose Quartz (pink) and Amazonite (blue). The stonewashed effect of this yarn is lovely and gives it a soft, almost vintage look.  I used a 5mm hook and the quantities I used were:

Moonstone: 11 balls

Citrine, Rose Quarts and Amazonite: 2 balls of each

The three colours meant as I was using 2 colours per Sunburst (the inner circle and adjacent round) that I could make six colour combinations e.g. Pink middle with yellow, yellow middle with blue, blue middle with pink etc. I then made 8 of each of these colourways giving me 48 squares, making a blanket 6×8 squares.

I also tried out my new blocking board for the first time with great success- it just makes them a bit more pointed and gives a slightly neater finish.

To join them I used SC (or DC in U.K. terms) with the right sides together, it gives a nearly invisible join on the front, with a ridge on the back which I quite like. I joined them all in strips horizontally and then vertically as well.  I wanted a fairly simple border, so first of all I did a round of SC in Moonstone, and where the squares met I made a hdc instead as I find there’s sometimes a bit of a dip and this bring it into line for a nice straight edge. I followed this with a hdc round in Rose Quartz before adding a shell border in yellow.

The measurements of my finished product blanket were 75cm x 98cm (including the border) with each square being approx 11 x 11cm.

And I couldn’t resist making a little toy to go with it…unicorn pattern by Kornflake Stew, made in Stylecraft Special DK, with Debbie Bliss Odin for the hair!✨🦄

I hope you like them little Kovah Willow, love Aunty Holly xxx

Winter Sunshine Blanket

As you may know there’s exciting news in our house – we’re expecting an addition to the family….a little brother for Pip! So this summer has been spent on DIY, moving rooms around and very little blogging!

I did manage to get a weekend to myself and booked myself on to a crochet retreat – a whole weekend of crochet with fellow crocheters…bliss! And as part of the weekend there was ALOT of yarn supplied.  I have to admit this was part of the attraction, and it was also great to try out different brands which I haven’t used before.  Which is how my latest blanket came about.

Baby boy is due New Years Day (yep….really) and while it’s a nice and festive time of year, here in the UK it can also mean lots of wet, windy, cold grey days.  So I decided to make a bright, happy blanket for the little guy, to bring a bit of sunshine to those grey days when we’re out walking with the pram.

I’ve also ways loved the Sunburst pattern, and when I saw the Paton’s yarn at the retreat I knew these were the colours for me.  

The yarn is Paton’s Merino Extrafine Aran. It’s gorgeous and squishy and I love the bright colours.  Using the three blue shades I alternated the order to make six different sunburst rounds, and made six of each, for a blanket of 6×6.  I then did the final round in the bright sunshine yellow to square them off, before joining them with a pale grey.  This join is done by SC (US term) the rows together with wrong sides facing which gives a ridge effect on the front of the blanket.  I joined them all horizontally and then vertically to keep the process simple.


Onto the border….I wanted to add some size to it and use the existing colours – here’s the border order:

HDC round in grey, DC light blue, DC turquoise, DC royal blue, DC yellow and then finished off by going round one final time this time with crab stitch (also known as reverse SC) in yellow, which gives a nice solid edge.

This finished dimensions are  27″x 27″ and I used a 4.5mm hook.  



I’m so pleased with the finished blanket and I can’t wait to wrap the little guy up in it this winter!


Hello Deer – a super cute baby blanket using tapestry crochet

This project has been ongoing for a while.  I first fell in love with the Hello Deer Baby Blanket pattern by Little Doolally when I saw my lovely Instagram friend @littlecosythings (if you haven’t already followed her, you should – she’s so talented!) making one.  I’d been itching to try tapestry crochet but hadn’t found a project which captured my imagination until spotting this one – it’s just adorable! My best friend had recently announced her second pregnancy so I decided this would be the perfect new baby gift.

I opted to use Caron Simply Soft yarn for the blanket – it’s Aran weight as recommended in the pattern but also hard wearing and I love their colour range.  I used the following:

Chartreuse (green), Chocolate for the body, Light Country Blue for the main background colour, and small amounts of Off White and Victorian Rose.  I also used some DK yarn for the nose, eyes and flower.

The chart in Little Doolally’s pattern is great and really easy to read and it was definitely one of those projects I couldn’t put down!

A few people have asked me to share how I did the fabric backing for this so here are my thoughts…though I think it would vary depending on the project and weight of yarn etc.

This pattern involved stranding the yarn across the back of the work as you work with the different colours – you can’t crochet over them as there’s often 2-3 colours in a row and it would  end up being very thick and uneven in places.  So while stranding is the best solution, the result is the wrong-side of the blanket needs covering – hence the fabric backing.

I’d been holding off doing this bit until I found out what my friend was having – and she had a little boy! So I opted for a white cotton fabric with blue stars.  There are instructions included in Little Doolally’s pdf and I don’t want to give away her pattern but you need to fold over a hem and iron some sharp corners before pinning the fabric into place.  I made mine bigger than recommended as I wanted it to sit closer to the border.  I used a simple hand sewing stitch (technically overcast stitch) to attach it.  Make sure you don’t pull the fabric taut – it will cause the blanket to pucker on the other side! I made this mistake and had to re-do it! Make sure the blanket and fabric are both lying flat when you’re pinning it into place.


I’ve used cotton but you could use flannel or fleece if you wanted – this blanket was quite thick already so I didn’t want to add bulk, which is why the cotton is perfect.  I also pre-washed it to avoid future shrinkage.

And below is the finished blanket! It measures 22.5″x 19.5″ – the perfect size for a pram blanket or it could be used as a little playmat!

Happy Rainbow Squares Blanket

With all this grey weather we’ve been having in London lately I’ve been itching for some colour….so on a whim I started a new baby blanket.  After raiding my Stylecraft Special DK stash I decided on a a rainbow of colours! Lipstick, Shrimp, Sunshine, Aspen, Cloud Blue, Turquoise and Magenta.

To make the most of these bright shades I opted for solid granny squares.  Just three rounds big and with no colour change these were so quick and easy to make! If you haven’t made a solid granny square before there’s a great tutorial over on Little Tin Bird.

As this is only a baby blanket (perfect size for a moses basket or car seat) it only needed 49 squares (7×7), meaning 7 of each colour.  

These are honestly so quick that it only took a couple of days to make the squares. To make the colours pop I decided on cream as a joining colour, and by using the flat slip stitch join technique I got a nice, neat finish.  The trickiest bit was probably deciding on what border to put on it.

I bought this book a while ago after seeing it recommended on Instagram- ‘Around the Corner – Crochet Borders’ by Edie Eckman.  It’s got a lot of variety but I would say I found most of them a bit fussy for my taste. But I persevered and found one in there I liked (#20 if you’re interested!)

This has been a really quick, fun blanket to make – 4 days in total! With the border included it measures 23″ square (using a 4mm hook).  And here it is…..tada!