Yarn pegs – Playing with Colour

I’ve been meaning to make some of these yarn colour pegs since I saw the idea on the lovely Attic 24 blog last year.

 I’ve always been a fan of Stylecraft Special DK yarn and have amassed quite the stash by working on various projects.  I tend to have favourite colours I use more than others – magenta, turquoise, aspen….I’m definitely a fan of the ‘cooler’ shades of the spectrum! But I want to play around with colour combinations more, which is why these pegs are perfect.


They are so easy to do – no glue necessary – just clamp both ends of yarn in the end of the peg that opens.  Its also great for using up little scraps!

Stylecraft have just brought out a shade card which is handy if you don’t want to make your own, but I like being able to move the colours around and sit them next to each other – and wooden pegs are pretty cheap (I found some bargain pegs on amazon).

It turns out I have 46 of the 72 shades in my stash – I honestly thought it would be more! (I also highly suspect I have some more hidden around the house which I have hidden so well from hubby I have forgotten where it is!). I’m resisting the urge to rush out and buy the missing shades…I can add to this collection as and when I use the colours for new projects.

Anyway I’m already having fun playing with colour schemes…here’s a pic of the colours I used for my just-finished Cath Kidston inspired blanket:


And here are the colours from another recent blanket:



 I also got hold of the three newest shades of Stylecraft Special DK – Sage, Storm Blue and Parma Violet, I think they go beautifully with Silver and Wisteria (mental note to make something with this colour scheme!)



And here’s a peek at the colours for my next project- an order for a friend…can you guess what it will be?


There’s been a great discussion on my Instagram this morning about people’s favourite shades – pomegranate, fondant, sherbert and cloud blue all seem very popular! I’d love to hear what your favourite shade is if you want to leave me a comment – I must try and get out of my colour comfort zone 😉